Synopsis for the short film "Prison of Obsession"


     He touched her in a way that no man did before.  The crackles of electricity never ended.

     It did not matter to Claire that the man she loved more than life was married.

     There was only one thing left to do to make him understand...

                  Kidnap him.

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An erotic and disturbing story about love

in its rawest form . . . without boundaries


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                           Marguerite Fair

PRISON OF obsession

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A Novel by:  Marguerite Fair

Love with no boundaries

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The very nature of love is "Obsession"

Think carefully before you touch someone...

     Claire continued listening at the door.  Marty's muffled sounds both repulsed and delighted her simultaneously.  The goodness in her struggled with reality.  She wanted to run in and release him from his newly discovered hell.  To confess that it was a sick, failed attempt at justification.  But, her sinister side felt complete joy, a sense of validation.  How does it feel?  She teased Marty mentally.  To be so mistreated by the very person who loves you the most?   How much pain does that create?

     Backing from the door, a session of uncontrollable giggling swept over her body.  Claire ran out of the kitchen door.  By the time she reached the sand, her giggling turned into a frenzied, full-blown fit of laughter.  Grasping her stomach with both hands, waves of hysteria overcame her, like the ocean itself, thundering only a short distance ahead.

     Before long, the laughter melted into deep, gut wrenching sobs.  She slithered to the ground and curled into a fetal position.  Tears streamed down h er cheeks, as her painful sobs tapped on the door of the still air.  The agony of Marty's rejection, almost unbearable, carried her to a hellish, grief-filled place from which she could not escape.

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Roberta's Choice was the original short made to represent the movie script "Exit Quietly" The script is presently being revamped and will also be entitled "Prison of Obsession."

The ten minute short featured J.J.Gales and Alexis Rochon.  "Prison of Obsession" is going to be re-cast and re-shot!   

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