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During her lifetime, Baroness Benita von Klingspor  helped thousands of people find their personal paths to better health.  As my lovely friend always said: "It is not growing old that makes us sick, it is getting sick that makes us grow old."

The information gathered in this book is mainly from my experiences with Benita and what I learned from her  when I lived in West Los Angeles in 2000.  She so inspired my life, that I want to share what I learned from her with everyone who is interested in improving their state-of-health and well-being. 

You should always check with your physician or health care provider before starting exercises or a new preventative or alternative health plan.  These are my shared experiences with Benita about what  I learned directly from her, which improved my health. As of 2022 I am 74 and do not take any  prescription medications.  It is the responsibility of each individual to gather information that is appropriate for their special and individual needs.

Benita von Klingspor,  practiced as a Certified Nutritional Consultant of Alternative Medicine for over thirty years. She said you should be aware of every thing you put into your body. Wishing you all good health!                                                Marguerite Fair, Author

" It is not getting old that makes us sick, it is getting sick that makes us grow old."  BvK Age 78 in this photo.

Marguerite Fair, Writer, Director & Producer for Fair Productions

Baroness Benita von Klingsor at age 76

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to make good changes to your health!

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ANSWER: Some very  strange and outrageous situations!

QUESTION:  What happens when you get two funny and inspired women collectively over 120 years old living together in Burbank?

Co-written by: Marguerite Fair & Maggie Gautier


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Maggie Gautier moved on to do her play curtain call the musical, and the M & M's

Web Show replaced New Over 50. It has now evolved to "Laughter Talks." 


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to make good changes to your health!

New Over 50 - What I Learned About Better Health from Baroness Benita von Klingspor - by Marguerite Fair

Maggie Gautier moved on to new adventures with her play Curtain Call the Musical. Goodbye and best of luck Maggie.

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The M & M's starring Marguerite Fair and Michael Tatlock. With Gabriel Garcia as our comic side kick "Cabana Boy."