GODDESS INTERVENTION, Comedy (in development)

(Four rich Malibu Goddesses perform an intervention on their Goddess Zoom Call)

SENIOR PORN, Comedy  - Available for option or purchase

(A group of retired senior citizens decide to make a porn movie for extra cash)

GETTING REEL  Comedy/drama(Presently being re-written)

LIVE YOUR LIFE ALIVE, Comedy/drama - Available for option or purchase

(Two Heaven-sent Psychiatrist's visit earth to create a miracle in Venice Beach, CA)

THE RACISTS,  Drama - Completed feature soon to be released on DVD.  (An older woman is attacked at knifepoint by a young Hispanic man in a parking lot)                      

EXIT QUIETLY, Drama  -  Short completed/AKA Roberta's Choice  A second short 

for the movie now named "Prison of Obsession" and to compliment the full novel. Will be filmed at the end of 2023.

(Suffering from unrequited love,  Claire kidnaps the object of her obsession)

AFTER LIFE DATING SERVICE, Comedy -Short completed    

(An empowered con-artist psychic connects the living to the dead for dating)      

CLUB RIGHT, Drama   -Available for option or purchase

(A group of abused women take revenge on their disgusting husbands)                           SEDUCTION OF DELUSION, Drama  -  Available for option or purchase

(An obessive woman moves across country to get her man away from his wife)    

PHONE ROOM, Comedy (Presently being re-written)                                 

NO DETOURS, Drama  - Available for option or purchase

(A sodimized imigriant from Germany moves to the USA and becomes a bully)               LAST LAUGH, Dark Drama (Presently being re-written)                                      

G.M. DETECTIVE AGENCY, Comedy (Presently being re-written)             

CANDY CAPER, Comedy (Presently being re-written)                               

REEL TV, THE MOVIE, Comedy (Presently being re-written)                     

YOUR LATE MOTHER , Drama (Presently being re-written) 

THE PROTECTOR  Drama - A new Super Hero  - Available for option or purchase

(A Hispanic young man with a unique deformity becomes a super hero)

GOING DOWN, Horror  - Available for option or purchase

(A horrifically tormented woman with special powers turns the table on her tormenter

OBSESSIVELY YOURS, COMEDY - Available for option or purchase

A collective group of bizzare telemarketers endlessly stalk each other in the pursuit of love   

Fair Productions

Baroness Benita von Klingspor  B.S., C.N.C. was a Certified Nutritional Consultant/Alternative Medicine. I met her at a time when I weghed 260 pounds and my health was poor. She literally saved my life, by teaching me about proper nutrition and the value of proper herbs and supplements to sustain a healthy lifestyle. I was blessed to have her become a friend.

Questions from left to right.

Your first completed movie was "The Racists," Tell us how that came to be.

Jack Lalanne,  at 14, I learned from watching his TV show how important exercising is in life.

Tell us about your new project.

When did you start writing as an adult?

Okay, last question. Who are the people who inspired you on your life journey to this point in time?

How many screenplays have you written?

When will you start shooting Goddess Intervention?

 # # 2

I decided to write a movie that I would be able to shoot from my home, to cut down on locations and production costs.  Upon moving to CA. I  went to the Dov Simen's filmmaking class, which was amazing. Right before writing my script for The Racists, I took a three hour seminar he had at the Radford Studios in Studio City, returned home and started writing the script. 

So, what made you decide to go into filmmaking?

Kathy Bee Hampton, we met at Women in Film. Kathy had a talk show and we became friends. I was honored when she asked me to join her Downey Master Mind Group. Under Kathy Bee's Guidence, I learned to develop my talents, set strong goals and be accoutable for each of them. Kathy Bee is a forever friend that I will always cherish.

After an extremely difficult marriage filled with discord and abuse. I ran away from home at age 48 and traveled across country to Los Angeles, CA.

Hybrid, Experimental, Independent Movies

"Remember, that falling is an opportunity to get back up and try again."

                           Marguerite Fair

As you know, it is a competitive industry here in Southern, CA and getting production companies to buy a film is not an easy process. So much of it has to do with nepotism, which pushes the rest of us to rely on our creativity to make things happen. Once I understood, nobody was going to come knocking on my door, I decided to produce my own "Hybrid, experimental, independent movies."

"Goddess Intervention" is a comedy and was originally a play I created to raise funds for my projects. I now converted it into a full feature film, which It is about four rich, obsessive Goddesses from Mailbu, Due to Covid instead of their usual in house meetings, they are having a meeting on Zoom. During the meeting it is apparent that the head Goddess Luella, has something going on in her bedroom. The meeting turns into a Goddess Intervention. A hint, of course it's about love and sex. 

I saw the movie "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" starring Steve Martin and John Candy. I fell in love with the thought of writing movies from that point.

What influenced you to write screenplays?

Due to the pandemic this project has been postponed until 2024.

Goddess Intervention is now is development to go into production as a feature film in mid 2024

It is a drama based on an incident that happened to me when I was in an Ikea store checking out. A very rude young man verbally attacled me. I started to think about how far an incident like that might go. So,  I created a story where 68 year old Mary Kelly is assaulated by a young man in a parking lot, who attacks her with a knife. As he pushes himself into the car, we fade to white. That is where the story begins.  It is their story.

What happened to make you start being serious about your writing?

Around 25 - 30, I would write stories and send them into Reader's Digest and True Confessions and when I didn't sell anything, I stopped taking myself seriously,  but I kept up my journal writing.

In order, my Mom Mary Carpentsy, she helped me to develop my sense of imagination. I can still see us playing paper dolls and with my doll house and making Christmas ornaments together.  She loved and encouraged the little stories I wrote. Sadly, she did not realize her dreams and it encouraged me to pursue mine.

Each story is an expression of a facet of life, never the same...always changing!

Top/left to right: Tom Katsis/Phil Marano - Marguerite Fair/writer/director/producer - Audrey Mitchell/Goddess Luella - Roberta Bassin/Scene reader - Cammie Middleton/Goddess Queen Lee - Samantha Waggoner/Goddess Sky - Rhoda Pell/Goddess Shabeth. Enjoy this hybrid, experiemtnal, independent production!CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ACTORS

George A. DeLucia was a man I worked for, when I first moved to CA. He was the first man who saw me. He showed me that it is never too late to start life over, and that real love actually exists. He gave me the highest compliment anyone ever will: "In my entire lifetime, I have known four quality people, and you are one of them." Thank you for that George, thank you.

Screenplays by Marguerite Fair

Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He showed the value of goal setting and committment. I always admired the fact that he came to this country with very little money, but his determiation to live life his way and succeed at it,  is completely inspring to me. 

Current project - Online Zoom Reading for Goddess Intervention - Comedy was presented on Facebook.com/marguerite.fair and Youtube.com/Laughter Talks Channel on Sunday, August 30th at 2:00 PM - link on You Tube now! ​   SUBSCRIBE HERE

Marguerite Fair, writer, director, producer, filmmaker TV web show host

Marguerite Fair pitches:

Seduction of Delusion

Senior Porn

Exit Quietly

By age 10, I knew I was a writer. I would make up stories, started a journal and wrote endless letters to friends and family. 

INTERVIEW WITH MARGUERITE FAIR by: Staff Writer Priscilla Moss

The Racists will soon be available on DVD

End of the interview

What is "The Racists" about?

To date, nineteen.

Wayne Dyer was a huge inspiration for my personal and spiritual growth as a person. I first saw him on a PBS special talking about his book "The Power of Intention."  I not only started reading his books, but practicing what I learned, which as truly changed my life.

Presently, I am still in development, which includes getting the money in place as well. I am looking at August for the latest start date. So, it will be completed by the end of 2021.

I do have the cast, DP and Sound person in place ready to roll. I anticipate getting into pre-production by June.

Question:  Marguerite, when did you start writing?

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