Marguerite Fair is writing a series of five sort plays.  "Final Talk" and "Sisters Collide" are completed. Once the series of short plays is completed a staged reading will happen in 2024

Your Late Mother, a Written by  Marguerite Fair  collaborated with Kevin Dobson star of  Kojak and Knots Landing worked on the project from 2010 - 2012. After four readings with Kevin, he went on to other projects and  Your Late Mother has experienced two additional  staged readings;  directed by its creator and writer Marguerite Fair

Fair Productions

Emotional Bondage now in its final writing process is about  answering the questions as to  Why Women Stay in abusive relationships. As a survivor of a long-term abusive relationship, Marguerite's  play will take you into the mind of an abused woman. This play will experience its first reading in 2024,

Written by:

Marguerite A. Fair

Goddess Intervention, written, directed and produced by Marguerite Fair as a one day fund raiser event. Shown successfully at the SpiritWorks Theater Stage in Burbank, CA in June of 2013. Goddess Intervention is being re-done as a musical to be presented in the spring of 2024.