Cal Bartlett

Cast members for the  June 28th Reading for "After Life Dating Service"

Marguerite Fair seeks a top of the line Production Studio looking for a fresh,  "High Concept" movie script for their next blockbuster hit!  

A VIP invitation is extended to the decision-makers at Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal.

​by: Marguerite Fair

​​​​​​​​A personal invitation from writer, Marguerite Fair.

A reading for the After Life Dating service, to be preformed by eleven talented actors will be presented:

DATE:   Sunday, June 28, 2015

TIME:    2 - 4 PM

PLACE:  SpiritWorks Center 

              260 N. Pass Avenue

              Burbank, CA 91505

Rental space donated by SpiritWorks for this reading!

The reading is free - All Donations for SpiritWorks are Accepted and Appreciated!

SpiritWorks has wonderful spaces available for rent for productions, events and meetings!  818-848-4158



After being fired from her job at a dating service, Psychic Robin Moss, creates the "After Life Dating Service. Tony Evans, her lover from a former life helps with the plan so they may be reunited. Death is not the end of love...only the beginning of comedy and drama!

After Life Dating Service - Original Screenplay - Written by Marguerite Fair

Fair Productions

Photos from the reading on 6/28/2015

Brigitte Waites

Reading information: Date: Sunday, June 28, 2015, Time: 2 - 4 PM - Location:

SpiritWorks Center - 260 N. Pass Ave., Burbank, CA 91505

Free Parking in the SpiritWorks lot and on the street

Space donated by: SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living

Donations accepted and appreciated!

Thank you to a wonderful cast of talented actors. I appreciate your  making time to help bring the After Life Dating Service to life!

I invite members of the Burbank Community and producers from: Warner Brothers, Universal and Paramount to come for this reading with a twist...the twist being it includes a three minute video for how to join the After Life Dating Service! 

                                                                        Marguerite Fair