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Ms. Felina Katz AKA Samantha Waggoner  GrannyTino AKA Marguerite Fair

ready to add a monthly movie review segment to the Laughter Talks Show

​​The ever vibrant,  talented and creative force behind all Fair Productions is GrannyTino. Those who know this Jersey Girl , as Marguerite Fair, are quick to agree she is at 74 years old an inspirational and non-stop  content creator.

From the Youtube Laughter Talks entertainment webshow to her first completed feature film "The Racists,"  many books, screenplays and plays, the think factory is always open for business.


The nutty duo will present their first two picks on Monday, November 30th! 

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Linda Sam Waggoner is an Actress and Associate Producer for Laughter Talks.

Marguerite Fair and  Sam  are  now shooting their first monthly GrannyTino & Ms. Felina Katz for Netflix movies worthy of their experienced  opinions. This is the new version of movie reviews that you do not want to miss. A movie review will pop into the Laughter Talks guest entertainment shows every last Monday of the month!

GrannyTino is a filmmaker who presents Hybrid, Experimental, Indpenedent webshows and movies.  Presently, she is in development for her second feature film salted to be in pre-produciton in 2021.  "Goddess Intervention." CLICK TO SEE THE CAST PHOTOS" This is a comedy about four obsessive Goddesses and very special Zoom meeting, that reveals a lot of secrets, and comletely obsessive Goddesses.

Recently, there was an online presentation of a staged reading for Goddess Intervention. In the reading were: Audrey Mitchell, Samantha Waggoner, Roberta E. Bassin, Cammie Middleton, Rhoda Pell and Tom Katsis. VIEW ON YOUTUBE AND SUBSCRIBE

In addition Marguerite  is in development for "The Protector" A powerful and romantic story about a Latino Super hero, born with incredible strength and a desire to protect people from bullies. A trailer is now in development. CLICK HERE TO SEE A PREVIEW PROOF OF CONCEPT mini trailer.

"Going Down" is a project in development for the 2022 season. A story about  an abused woman, who comes to terms with her power and a special kind of justice for men who insist on hurting women. 

CLICK HERE TO HEAR MARGUERITE READING the first scene of the play in her Halloween Special now present on YouTube.

The guests presenting their individual Halloween Surprise are:

Kathy Bee-Hampton, Rhoda Pell, Roberta E. Basion,  Melaine Chohen Vansell Paster and Ingrid Palomo