Marguerite Fair at her first book signing for "Telling on Myself" in West LA - 2005

Poster for  "Roberta's Choice" the ten minute movie short.  Written & directed by Marguerite Fair

Radio Talk Show  Interview on Talk Radio Show

Director Marguerite Fair speaks with guests at her directorial debut for Your Late Mother at the Victory Theatre

Cal Bartlett star of Goddess Intervention meets up with his Director Marguerite Fair before rehearsals

Publicity shoot for Goddess Intervention

Article in the Siren Magazine about Marguerite Fair's one day Fund Raiser Play "Goddess Intervention"

Marguerite Fair outside of the Victory Theater for her directorial debut for Your Late Mother - 2012

Promotional Postcard for a Your Late Mother Reading

Banner for the first reading  for "Your Late Mother" to be directed by it's creator and writer, Marguerite Fair at the Victory Theatre Center in Burbank, CA 2012

The Victory Theatre Center in Burbank, CA - 2012

Marguerite Fair with Kevin Dobson after the staged reading at the  LATC in 2012

Photo taken after the reading at the Los Angeles Theatre Center on Spring Street in Los Angeles. Kevin read for the role of Jack Dowkowski and directed the reading

Marguerite Fair with Kevin Dobson at the second reading for Your Late Mother. Taken at the Alderson Actor Studio/Theater, Hollywood 2011

Kevin Dobson star of Kojak and Knots Landing with Marguerite Fair after the first reading  for Your Late Mother in early 2011 Kevin collaborated on the project from 2010 - 2012

​Paul Carafotes with Kevin Dobson. Paul read for  Your Late Mother as Tim Dowkowski three times!

People love "Telling on Myself" and "AM I Still Talking? 

Photo opp after the reading at the LATC. Sheilah Grenham far left read Maggie Dowkowski for  two of our readings. 

Marguerite Fair with Actor, song writer, Jude Ciccorella

Reading for the full feature Screenplay "After Life Dating Service. Presented on June 28, 2015 at SpiritWorks Center for Spiritual Living. 

Marguerite  with Actor Hank Garrett

Fair Productions

Written and Directed by Marguerite Fair