Fair Productions

Unique Acrylic Art Work by  Artist Marguerite Fair

Art Work by Marguerite Fair

Art Gallary and Prices & Sizes Coming Soon

Art is an important aspect of our lives. When I create, each piece is part of connection to Spirit and much like a Child.

If you decide to adopt art by Marguerite, you will be  adding a completely unique piece of creation into your home or office.  As a gift, nothing could be as special as a one-of-a-kind creation designed with Love and Good Intentions. 

Anyone can get assembly line art or pick something up at a thrift shop. But the quality and love that goes into each art work by Marguerite will become a special family treasure to be passed down to those you Love.

When an order is shipped it is sent to you in a special hand made box to ensure a safe delivery of your new and brilliant art adoption.

Each piece of art includes a Certificate of Authenticity for your records.

If you see a piece you would like to Adopt for your home or office,  please email Marguerite directly:

WriterMarguerite@gmail.com or go to our contact page: CONTACT PAGE