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Our Beloved Dogs, Cats and other Pets truly become members of our Spiritual Family. This Journal was created to honor and remember the Pets that bring us so much Joy, Love and Connection into our lives during their earth journeys.

Marguerite Fair's motivation for creating the "Pet Lovers Journal" is that her Calico Cat Summer is always in her heart. In retrospect, while writing thoughts and memories of Summer, she wished that she had kept a special journal about Summer and all of her wonderful antics and brilliant daily memories.

That birthed the idea to create a venue for others to keep current with their stories, photos and special mementos of their extended family, their dogs, cats and all of our pets.

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Dedicated to "Summer Dudek."  You were the brightest part of my life and I know that you are resting well over the Rainbow Bridge. I still think of you every day.

They are with us for such a brief time; what better tribute than to note special dates, photographs and moments while we are blessed to have them with us.  It will become a wonderful treasure of memories to hold them close in our hearts for all time.

This memory will last and be more personal than simply pictures stored in a cell phone, which may one day be lost to a hiccup in technology.

Fair Productions

Summer Dudek & Marguerite Fair, Author for "Pet Lovers Journal"