A mature retired business woman, Megan Carpenter,  answers the ad for the position, which is  a perfect solution to supplement her pension.

This is the interview.

Starring Tom Katsis
as Carmine Barone


A comedy movie written, directed and produced by:

Marguerite Fair - co-starring as Megan Carpenter

Coming to a film festival near you in the summer of 2022!

Marguerite Fair and Tom Katsis after Green Screen Adjustments!

With Marguerite Fair as Megan Carpenter

Super Wealthy and clueless Carmine Barone starts up his own social media company called: "Base Hook Social Media."  Immediately, he realizes he needs a "Fact Checker" to maintain the desired narrative to keep things running his way.

Marguerite Fair

May be screened at Raleigh Studios

in Los Angeles, CA in 2023

Tom Katsis on set with Marguerite Fair

Fun on set with The Star Tom Katsis and

Producer/Director Marguerite Fair

It is present time, the world has suffered through a pandemic that still hangs on by the  political threads of continued separation, anxiety and the relief of comical undertones.

Support freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Support ending Experimental vaccine mandates!

One size does not fit all!     Marguerite Fair

Chrissy with Tom Katsis on set. Chrissy helped with PA work and is the Photographer!

For June - 2022


Tom Katsis


Fair Productions

Trailer for Fact Checker starring Tom Katsis