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Marguerite Fair, writer, director, producer, filmmaker TV web show host

Screenplays by Marguerite Fair

Writer/Director/Filmmaker Marguerite Fair has written 17 screenplays

  • SENIOR PORN, Comedy  
  • Getting Real  Comedy/drama
  • Life Your Life Alive , Comedy/drama
  • The Racist(s) Drama       (In post-production)                             
  • EXIT QUIETLY, Drama                                       
  • OBSESSIVELY YOURS, Comedy                           
  • AFTERLIFE DATING SERVICE, Comedy             
  • CLUB RIGHT, Drama                                     
  • SEDUCTION OF DELUSION, Drama          
  • PHONE ROOM, Comedy                                 
  • NO DETOURS, Drama                                   
  • LAST LAUGH, Dark Drama                                      
  • G.M. DETECTIVE AGENCY, Comedy            
  • CANDY CAPER, Comedy                               
  • REEL TV, THE MOVIE, Comedy                     
  • YOUR LATE MOTHER , Drama  ( Presently being re-written)
  • THE PROTECTOR  Drama - A new Super Hero           
Marguerite Fair - Writer, Producer, Director & Filmmaker