The Strength of one man is changing the world

"The Protector" A new kind of super hero!

"Your Late Mother" A play about family love and healing. Kevin Dobson read the lead at LATC

"Your Late Mother" play reading - written by Marguerite Fair & directed by Kevin Dobson star of Kojak and Knots Landing. Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles, CA  November 2011

"New Over 50 - What I Leanred About Better Health from Baroness Benita von Klingspor" A journey that helped me to age gracefully and joufully without any medications."

Easy to understand, simply to apply to product your health and age with dignity.

Available on AMAZON.COM   $9.95

Melanie Van Sell, Audrey Mitchell and writer/director Marguerite Fair at the Culver City Film Festival

"Everything you do, starts with your state of health"   M. Fair

"Goddess Intervention" written, directed and executive produced by Marguerite Fair. Produced at Spirit Works Center in 2013. Burbank, CA. Cast from the play. Featuring Cal Bartlet star of TV and movies

Marguerite Fair of Fair Productions is now in development for "The Protector"  - her newest screenplay  (c) 2020

The Racists Premiere

at Warner Brothers 


"Your Late Mother, written, directed and produced at the Missing Piece Theatre in September 2014


Writer, Director, Producer for


After Life Dating Service, a semi-finalist  in the Culver City Film Festival

Shayan Ardalan on set with Cal Bartlett

Marguerite Fair, Writer, Producer and Director of Photography for After Life Dating Service

Fair Productions

     "Goddess Intervention" a fundraiser play, written, directed and produced by: Marguerite Fair

Poster for "After Life Dating Service" A short film written, directed and produced by Marguerite. Featuring: Cal Bartlett as Pete Moss, Audrey Mitchell as Robin Moss, Michael Tatlock as Tony Evans and George, David Lonigro as Keith Richards, Virginia Redler as Denise Parker and Melanie H. Vansell as Martha


The Racists stars: Juan Felipe Restrepo , Carol Hannan, ​Teddy Alexis Rodriguez, Cammie Middleton, Bobby Davis and Spencer Frankeberger.  Run time 1 hour 18 minutes.

Due to the health crisis the screening at Warner Brothers was canceled. The Racists is now available on DVD.


Juan Felipe Restrepo, Teddy Alexis Rodriguez, Carol Hannan

Keviin Dobson star of Kojak and Knots Landing collaborated with Marguerite Fair's play "Your Late Mother" from 2010 - 2012

He directed the first three staged/action readings.

Fair Productions has now released "The Racists" On DVD: TheRacists.Biz

Marguerite Fair now in development for the comedy "Goddess Intervention." Slated for pre-produciton from May - Sept. 2021

Melanie H. Vansell, Michael Tatlock and Audrey Mitchell getting to experience the After Life Dating Service

Scene from "Your Late Mother" written, directed and produced by Marguerite Fair at the Victory Theatre in Burbank, CA in 2012. Featuring Roberta E. Bassin as Maggie Dowkowski

      "Your late mother" action play reading