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Kathleen Khan First Assistant Director and Script Supervisor having a photo opp!

Marguerite Fair between her two fantasy men - Shayan Ardalan and Cal Bartlett

Melanie H. Vansell, Michael Tatlock and Audrey Mitchell getting to experience the After Life Dating Service

Marguerite Fair, Director of Photography for After Life Dating Service

Virginia Redler and Audrey Mitchell on shooting on set for the After Life Dating Service

David Lonigro on set with writer, director Marguerite Fair

Poster for "After Life Dating Service" A short film written, directed and produced by Marguerite. Featuring: Cal Bartlett as Pete Moss, Audrey Mitchell as Robin Moss, Michael Tatlock as Tony Evans and George, David Lonigro as Keith Richards, Virginia Redler as Denise Parker and Melanie H. Vansell as Martha

Audrey Mitchell and Michael Tatlock on set shooting After Life Dating Service

Shayan Ardalan on set with Cal Bartlett

David Lonigro on set for After Life Dating Service

Laurie Wilcox doing makeup for Michael Tatlock on set

Coming to Los Angeles Film Festivals in 2017! AFTER LIFE DATING SERVICE - The real fun starts After Life!

Marguerite Fair, Director of Photography for After Life Dating Service

Melanie H. Vansell and Michael Tatlock on set for After Life Dating Service

Marguerite Fair, writer, director with Cal Bartlett on set

Audrey Mitchell, Michael Tatlock and Melanie H. Vansell clowning around on set 

Look for "Your Late Mother" premiering in the 2017 Fringe Festival!

Priscilla Moss, Senior Staff Writer

For the Fair Productions Awards Luncheon at Sportsmen's Lodge!

This is a Red Carpet Event!

Cause-related event: 5% of the budget proceeds will go to Haven House Shelter for Women & Children in the name of the sponsor(s) to help in the fight  against domestic violence!

Your Late Mother seeks Sponsor's  to help fund "Your Late Mother" on its June 2016 Journey into the Hollywood fringe Festival! Contact Marguerite Fair if you would like to become a sponsor! Over 250,000 people pass the festival each year! 

Join us at the Sportsmen's Lodge

Completely renovated with classic Hollywood charm is just the start of what the Sportsmen's Lodge has to offer for the First Annual Voices of Inspiration Awards Gala.  This will be the social event for 2016 season at this elegant and beautiful facility nestled in the beauty of the San Fernando Valley.

Date:   MAY -2017

Film Production

"Your Late Mother" play reading - written by Marguerite Fair & directed by Kevin Dobson star of Kojak and Knots Landing. Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles, CA 2011

"Your Late Mother, written, directed and produced at the Missing Piece Theatre in September 2014

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     "Goddess Intervention" a fundraiser play
      "Your late mother" action play reading

"Goddess Intervention" written, directed and produced by Marguerite Fair. Produced at Spirit Works Center in 2013. Burbank, CA. Cast from the play. Featuring Cal Bartlet star of TV and movies

Scene from "Your Late Mother" written, directed and produced by Marguerite Fair at the Victory Theatre in Burbank, CA in 2012. Featuring Roberta E. Bassin as Maggie Dowkowski

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