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Marguerite A. Fair, Writer

"A life can be changed - it only takes the willingness to have faith and one step at a time.  I did it and you can too."

                       M. Fair


Marguerite Fair offers women coming out of the experience of domestic violence a free resume service. It will be her joy to help you get your power back!

Marguerite is a creative and dependable writer; experienced in many facets of writing. If you have a project different from any listed, please contact Fair Productions. We can work with you to get your writing needs handled. For inquiries you may also send an email: or phone: 424-298-1745.  Thank you!

"Change the thoughts that  dis-empower you" Marguerite Fair

PRESS/NEWS RELEASE-                    PER HOUR  $30.00                                                                     

PER  WORD    $1.25


BOOK CHAPTER                                  PER HOUR  $40.00          


PER WORD      0.20

CONTENT EDITING                               PER HOUR  $25.00                    

PER PAGE   $2.00

GHOST WRITING (as told to)                 PER HOUR  $40,00        


PER PAGE   $75.00

GHOST WRITING (no credit)                  PER HOUR $50,00            


PER WORD   $1.50

MANUSCRIPT TYPING                         PER HOUR $20.00                                                                     

  PER WORD   $1.50   

NONFICTION BOOK WRITING              PER HOUR $30.00                                                                            

PER PAGE   $35.00

PROOFREADING                                PER HOUR $20.00                                                                PER PAGE   $2.00

REWRITING (structural editing)             PER HOUR $30.00     


  PER WORD   0.10

BUSINESS LETTERS                          PER HOUR $20.00                                                             

BUSINESS PLAN                               PER HOUR $20.00                          

RESUME WRITING                            PER HOUR $20.00                  

WEB EDITING                                   PER HOUR $25.00                                                             


Writing Services Provided by Fair Productions